Virtual Walks for exercise

Watch the virtual walks on your Smartphone, iPad/Tablet or Smart TV

Do you exercise at home, perhaps on a treadmill or in front of the TV?  We have recorded a range of walks, of varying lengths, which you can use to add interest to your workout. Each walk shows regular time checks so that you can monitor your progress.

These walks are all filmed in attractive countryside locations. The shorter walks are ideal for those of you who haven't exercised for some time and feel the need to get a bit fitter. Perhaps your doctor has suggested that you need to be fitter or you just 'know' that you should exercise more. If you fit into this category, why not start with one of the shortest walks - 5 minutes - and work up from there ...

If you feel fitter, try the 15 minute or longer walks. If you walk briskly, you will walk at about 4 miles per hour. When you complete a 15 minute walk you will have walked a mile! Not bad ...

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