Walking at the abandoned village

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

During the WWII a large area of land between Lulworth and Wareham in Dorset was commandeered by the army to use as a tank and gunnery training ground. And that’s still what it is today.

The village of Tyneham lies in the middle of this so it was evacuated in 1943 and the villagers have never been able to return.

The church has been preserved

and villagers who have sadly passed away are sometimes buried in the churchyard

The schoolroom has also been restored and recreates the room as it was in the 1930s

On certain days of the year the paths on the firing range are open to the public. A circular walk from Tyneham to Worbarrow Bay provides stunning views of the countryside and the coast

You will also pass Flowers Barrow, an Iron Age Fort

Here is the video of our walk - and how we managed to get lost :)

Swanage is a lovely place to stay and convenient for a visit to Tyneham

Where to stay in the Swanage area:

More expensive:

Grand Hotel Swanage

Knoll House Hotel

The Pig on the Beach

Less expensive:

Purbeck House Hotel

Purbeck View

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