Virtual Walks - 12 extracts from the 4 seasons

Do you exercise at home?

Do you like to see the English countryside?

This video contains extracts from 12 different videos which can be viewed on your TV, tablet or 'phone, to make your home exercising more interesting, or just to watch and view different walks at various times of the year. There are links to the original (longer) videos in the text below.

Most of these walks include Edith, the miniature schnauzer!

This video is an exercise video too - it is 23 minutes long and there a 5 minute markers along the way to help you to keep track.

Here is the video:

I hope you enjoy it!

Links to the full videos:

1. Winter - New Year's Day

2. Spring - Bird Song

3. Summer - Old Harry Rocks

4. Summer - Thomas Hardy's Cottage

5. Autumn - Autumn Leaves

6. Winter - Winter Snow

7. Spring - Bluebells

8. Summer - Tall Trees Walk

9. Autumn - Somerset

10. Summer - The Jurassic Coast

11. Autumn - After the Rain

12. Summer - Highcliffe to Mudeford

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