The Tiger Hunt

We left Agra and the Taj Mahal behind and made our way by coach to Ranthambore National Park, one of 50 parks in India where you have a chance of seeing a tiger in the wild.

We toured the area in a Canter, a high sided vehicle that seats about 25 people

We saw plenty of wildlife, but no tigers ... :)

Our guide kept a lookout and was also in touch with other guides

These cheeky Treepies were hoping for food when we stopped

So were these monkeys

We were almost at the end of our time in the park when word came that a tiger had been sighted. Our driver rushed to the spot

Word quickly spread ...

Then, in the distance, we saw the unmistakable outline of a Bengal Tiger

She walked across to the lake

Then walked towards us. She stopped for a drink right in front of us!

It was an incredibly memorial experience!

Here is the full video:

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