What to expect on a 7 day Mekong River cruise - Part 4 - life onboard ship

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

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There are a number of companies running cruises on the Mekong River. The boats vary in size (not by much) but the experience on all of them is similar. Your cabin will have a window or a small balcony and is surprisingly spacious.

Single travellers are catered for and at the other end of the scale, each boat has a limited number of suites.

I explained the layout of the ship in Part 1 of this series. Here are couple more images:

When you arrive on the ship you will take part in a lifeboat drill and told where to muster in the event of a problem.

Our cruise was all inclusive (except certain wines and spirits) which meant 3 meals every day and drinks when we fancied them. It was a jolly time!

The food was first class. Breakfast was a choice of hot or cold buffet (or both) with eggs how you like them including a freshly cooked omelette:

Lunch was 3 courses, accompanied by wine, beer or soft drinks. Choices included a 'Live Action' option every day:

Dinner was 4 courses with accompanying drinks.

One of our party was a coeliac and she was extremely impressed with her 'personalised' menu every day.

As you journey up (or down) the river, tours are arranged for you, to see local life and the sights along the way. I have described these in other parts of this Mekong River series. Sometimes the ship will dock alongside the river bank or dock and you can walk straight off of the ship. In some places, the ship will anchor in midstream and you will be transported by a smaller boat to the place of interest.

Entertainment is provided on board. Ours included films ( including Good Morning Vietnam), talks on the history of Vietnam and Cambodia and local musicians and dancers.

One of the chefs held a food carving lesson and another member of the crew showed us how to fold towels into animal shapes. Not for everyone but a number of people enjoyed the demonstrations.

This all sounds terribly hectic and exhausting. Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to relax and watch the Vietnamese and Cambodian world go by ...

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