What to expect on a 7 day Mekong River Cruise- Part 2 -Vietnam continued

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

For Part 1 of this series: Part 1

Straw Mats, Silk, Tuk Tuks and into Cambodia

The ship moored at Tan Chau, a small Vietnamese town near the Cambodian border. After another omelette for breakfast we disembarked to visit a mat weaving factory and a silk factory - with a Tuk Tuk ride between the two.

Health and Safety rules are clearly different in Vietnam.

7 day Mekong river cruise highlights
Straw Mat factory

We managed to make our way through the gift shop without buying any mats but Karen couldn't resist a bag for $2. I said she'd never use it so, of course, she used it every day for the rest of the trip ...

A fleet of pedal powered Tuk Tuks took us to the silk factory.

We passed a wedding celebration on the way:

The silk factory was several steps up from an 'Artisan' workshop with ageing machines doing all the work:

Mekong river cruise excursions

Silk making in Vietnam

Producing a lovely product at the end.

After a Tuk Tuk ride back to the ship we spent the rest of the day relaxing as the crew managed the administration with the authorities to allow us to cross the border from Vietnam into Cambodia.

Part 3 - What to expect on a 7 day Mekong River Cruise - into Cambodia

What to expect in Ho Chi Minh City

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Places to stay in Ho Chi Minh City

More expensive:

Pullman Saigon Centre

The Reverie

Grand Hotel

Less expensive:

The Alcove Library Hotel

Chez Mimosa Corner

C Central Hotel

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